Emsylado Franchise

360 marketing and business development consulting firm


After an unusual career in the commercial and distribution sector, I decided to launch my structure in 2018 based on the observation that many established companies, young creators and project leaders have a distant approach with the commercial and marketing functions.


The founder – Sylvain Maussion


Make marketing accessible to all entrepreneurs.

Develop a local network.

Provide global solutions for business development.


To provide specific and thematic support solutions whatever the company’s budget.

Meet different people.

Change mentalities.


To transmit knowledge.

To share in order to move forward.

To satisfy my curiosity.

Our geographic scope

We are based in Angers but we operate all over France. We use the current means of communication such as videoconferencing to reduce our travels and stay close to our customers. Nevertheless we are able to travel if the situation requires it or if the missions require it.

Our values


We are of a communicative nature: human contact is part of our DNA. We always work in a good mood.


We are always looking for our customers and employees to grow and have fun in their daily lives.


Responsiveness is one of the keys of marketing and also of commerce. We like to find the right solution in the right timing.


Being honest with yourself is the first step to recovery. How to be pragmatic without knowing and listening to the truth.


It is important to impose objectives on oneself, whether they are qualitative or quantitative. Without ambition we do not learn from others.


We seek to find solutions that adapt to your organization, your budget and your values.

A new and more global strategy to support our customers

We have designed our company to be as close as possible to our customers. This is why we have developed an ecosystem based on all our skills to meet the needs of companies. This allows you to have a limited number of interlocutors and thus to gain in reactivity and agility. We get to know you and thus we are able to answer more efficiently to all your development needs.

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