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We implement a service of franchise network animation for the:





The animation of the franchise network is the day-to-day running of the activities. For this, the notions of control, monitoring, availability and proximity are essential. The role of the manager is to act as a link between the head of the network and the field. On the other hand, his/her role is also to keep a certain dynamic within the network through the offer, customers and employees. To do this, many actions are put in place, such as visits to franchisees, seminars, action plans and project management.

We work with you in several ways to successfully increase network performance:

Network communication

Internal and external trend monitoring


Coaching and follow-up of the network facilitator

Concerning network communication, we can help you with the digital aspect of the animation of your network as well as its image.
We then ensure internal and external trend monitoring. We prepare the coaching and follow-up of the network animator who will be in charge of the daily missions, with our support, as an outsourced operations manager .
The network animation is a permanent thing in a franchise but our intervention can be used only in the launching phase of the network. There is no minimum commitment period.

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International development

With our expertise, your franchise will not know any boundaries.

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We have designed our company to be as close as possible to our customers. This is why we have developed an ecosystem based on all our skills to meet the needs of companies. This allows you to have a limited number of interlocutors and thus gain in reactivity and agility. We get to know you and thus we are able to respond more effectively to your entire development.

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Our philosophy is to convey our expertise so that you can become more autonomous and develop the skills of all your teams in the fields of sales, marketing, communication and customer relations.