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Franchise feasibility study

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We propose to carry out a feasibility study for the:





Once you have developed your business concept, the question of using the leverage of franchising for faster development and territorial coverage arises.

There are 6 key points to check to see if an idea is franchisable:

The concept

The proven success

The ability to support

The identity

The expertise

The depreciable project

Regarding the concept, we wonder whether the idea has been transformed into a concrete aspect with codes, values, mechanics. Concerning the proven success, we wonder if this concept has been successfully tested through at least 2 pilots. As for the capacity of accompaniment, we seek to know if the future franchisor has the legal and operational capacity to accompany his franchisees and to animate his network.
For identity: the brand and logo must be registered and protected.
On the subject of know-how: the knowledge must be substantial, identified, recognized and transmissible.
Finally, the investment must be able to be amortized within a short period of time.

The diagnosis that we carry out will serve as a roadmap for the other steps. It consists of 3 points:


on the pilot site with the network leaders for the collection of information


in distant study for the compilation of information


face-to-face for the presentation of conclusions

Here are some of the issues we are working on: 

– What’s the concept?
– What are the possible modifications?
– Is the know-how complete?
– Strengths and weaknesses of the concept?

– What kind of network?
– What legal form?
– What are the objectives of the project?

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